Evolved Empaths: An 8 week upgrade to thriving in an overwhelming reality by erin eber
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Evolved Empaths: An 8 week upgrade to thriving in an overwhelming reality

Sundays at 12 noon EST
Start Date Oct 18th - break Nov 29th - Ending Dec 13th
Enrollment is closed

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Hear from others who have worked with me...

"I'm not fragmented anymore. It's like I’m whole. 

The work I’ve been doing with you is has just helped me wake up to many things, and now i'm grateful to everything that has happened, because its brought me here to you, and do this work. 

I am just so grateful to you for showing me that opening up to all these energies can be a beautiful thing. 

You are the living example of this. Thank you so much for being here at this time and this moment."
Liliana D.
WOW. These calls have been wow… 

It has really encouraged me to start speaking up and feeling comfortable talking truth.

There were so many times that it felt like we were all speaking directly to each other even when nothing was being spoken and still the story kept being synchronistic. 

I had no idea the unfolding of the wrap up call… it feels like it’s a wrap up of a previous story. 
Thank you so much again for your gifts and sharing them with us.

I found myself planning my life around these calls. I've been so excited to be on them. After each call something changed."
Adriana D.
I never could have envisioned feeling this grounded, this connected, this confident just 3 months after we first started working together. 

The amount of neurological rewiring, deconditioning, and energetic shift that has taken place within my physical and spiritual body is just so far beyond what I could have expected. 

Thank you SO MUCH for your support, guidance, love, light, toning, intuition and more. I don't know how I would have gotten through this season of my life without you! :) 

Healing and transformation can be ENJOYED and EASY. Thank you for showing me another way. 
Rachael Y.

"Healing and transformation can be ENJOYED and EASY. Thank you for showing me another way."

Are you...

  • Overly aware of others feelings
  • Deeply affected by others 'vibes' or moods
  • Getting overwhelmed, stressed or tired easily
  • Struggling to find balance
  • Feel guilty taking care of yourself
  • Crying often and easily
  • Critical of yourself for being 'overly sensitive'
  • Adoptable to others to make them more comfortable
  • In need of coping strategies to function (ie time alone, hiding, long baths, exercise)
  • Feeling deeply affected by your partners needs and feelings
  • Fearing abandonment
  • Rationalizing your emotional pain

Then you might be an EMPATH or a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON.

Want to know more? Check out the Introduction Call.

(The psychic cleanse download is available for purchase or comes with the course when purchased!)

Hey, I'm Erin, a HSP and Recovering Empath

For most of my life I lived in the 'collective energy' of density and pain.

Four years ago, I had an inner transformation that left me free of being over absorbed in this struggle, and clear on how to help others align to their full expressions.

I have also spent years learning the in's and out's of being a HSP in a dense world.

For years, I secretly left work in tears, felt depressed and stressed by the problems of others, and had 'stomach issues'- that I later came to understand was all the energy I was 'digesting' from others. 

The good news is, it can be so much easier than we make it!

Working through these issues took me years, but I want to share what I have learned and help you execrate the growth process.

Many of you have been  'managing' for a long time. You don't have to 'get by,' you can THRIVE and be fully expressed in the world.

Because you are the healers, the spiritual first responders. The people with the gifts the world needs right now.

I cant wait to support you on this journey! 

This course includes:

- 8 weekly modules (about 1-2 hours each) covering all I know about being an empath HSP
- 8 Weekly frequency healing transmissions to upgrade your cellular structure (1.5 hours)
- Live Q&A
- Guided meditations to clear and solve common struggles
- Strategies and techniques on how to manage energy and overwhelm
- A path to your full freedom that doesn't have to be 'struggled for'

Each person will also receive a 30-45 minute 1:1 insight session about how you are empathic. 

This is my most robust and comprehensive offering EVER. 

Together we will...

  • Find safety in your body
  • Uncover clarity around whats yours and whats not
  • Establish boundaries that WORK
  • Live with TRUE Self acceptance (ie, you are not fucking it all up, you aren’t crazy, and you aren’t alone)
  • Calm the nervous system from years of trauma
  • Step into true heart centered empowerment
  • Transform your cellular structure to be aligned with your divine self
  • Find flow and trust in your life and experience 
  • Come home to your unique truth
  • Discover how to not take on the stories of others 
  • Strengthen your psychic immunity 

Emerge strongly centered in your own truth, in order to share your gifts freely and with courage in the world!

About Erin

Erin is an awakening guide, frequency channeler, cacao educator and Human Design reader. She uses her voice, sounds, words and presence to transform people from their small selves to embodying the divine expressions.

She has been healing using  Frequency Downloads since 2013. She has since worked with people all over the world.

Find out more on www.erineber.com