Healing Ancestral Trauma LIVE by erin eber
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Healing Ancestral Trauma LIVE

A 4-part healing series featuring special guest healers
Enrollment is closed

A frequency journey into clearing our ancenstral stories and traumas from our DNA and cellular structures.

Don't take it from me...

Here is what participants are saying...

“This series came at the perfect time. I can’t put my finger on it but my body feels so much more grounded. It feels more like a rooting. I feel extremely settled in the ground.  A sense of deeper connectedness to time space has opened.”

"I feel like I’m not fragmented anymore. Like I’m whole.”

"The work I’ve been doing with you has just helped me wake up to many things. The ancestral realm was always hard and scary for me. I am just so grateful for you showing me opening up to these energies can be a beautiful thing.”

“I felt safer in connecting to my ancestors. Sometimes it was so overwhelming but because of this series I have understood I can take it one step at a time. I feel them always here supporting me.”

“The Frequency Downloads move me so deeply. It’s like connecting fully and all the sudden this information comes through, and things are cleared immediately”

“After the Frequency Download I was shown my embodiment and my path of evolution and why I should stop fighting - I understand now why I should have joy and gratitude.”

In this intense moment in time, have you wondered what you can do?

In this series we...
  • Cleanse the stories of our own ancestors/families
  • Transmute the stories of our global ancestral healing
  • Clear our subconscious beliefs/patterns around what is possible
  • Assemble our ancestral 'teams' and make sure we are fully supported by the ancestors
  • Unfold our biggest self in order to support a more free humanity
  • Soothe our nervous systems and bodies to accept the biggest freest expression of self
  • Activate the Biggest expressions of ourselves
  • And so much more!

Frequency Downloads

These calls will be centered around my Sound Frequency Downloads. 

I use my voice and sound to channel the healing frequencies needed to reprogram out cellular structures. 

When I was gifted these frequencies, I was told they would 'override' the human condition, in order to help humanity shed its old stories of pain and suffering, and open the divine expression of source we are meant to become. 

I channel the meditations live on the calls, but they are meant to be used like medicine, taken as often as you need to clear and restructure your being. 

Humanity is at a tipping point

Are you noticing old patterns or new pains emerging for yourself and others?

You are on the first responders team in order to clear the way energetically for a new expression of humanity to be birthed.

In order to do this, we are erupting the old patterns of oppression, pain, suffering, and suppression. 

As this energy of darkness heals, light workers are being asked to clear and transform for themselves and the world, to pave the way for others to walk into freedom with effortless ease. 

What else people are saying...

“When we started, I was resistant to get into it… after the toning, something lifted and it was just an instant release and ease, and I exhaled with sound. 

“Before this I always saw the ancestral world as a burden, After the toning, I got the message that they are also around to lift me up and stabilize and build this strong base.”

“That was pretty epic, thank you so much magical being!!! I really look forward to listening to it again.”

Special Guests

Michael Dove

Healer, Intuitive, and Mystic.

Michael is a profound channeler of infinate wisdom and will support us in assembling our council of ancestral super heros. As well as calling in all the support we will need to move forward.

More at https://www.michaeldove.net/

Rick Pathman

Deeply gifted magic man and navigator of the subconscious world, Rick does a process called 'what i am uniquely' which will support the deep clearing of our subconscious and unconscious realms, in order to reprogram our beings. 

Ann Marie Tommey

 A former Hormone Doctor, and intuitive energy worker, Ann-Marie will open the quantum fields within out bodies, allowing the nervous system to deeply relax and transform, and integral part of healing and moving forward from trauma.

more at http://annmarietommeymd.com/

About Erin

Erin is an awakening guide, frequency channeler, cacao educator and Human Design reader. She uses her voice, sounds, words and presence to transform people from their small selves to embodying the divine expressions.

She has been healing using  Frequency Downloads since 2013. She has since worked with people all over the world.

Find out more on www.erineber.com