Essential TOOLKIT: for current times by erin eber

Essential TOOLKIT: for current times

A deep and profound six day journey of frequency downloads to transform, bring deep peace, and activate our biggest truth during these troubled times. 

What is Toning?

Toning, or frequency downloads, are the tool I use to channel magic and miracles through my voice. 

The toning meditations, penetrate at the cellular level, allowing energy patterns to me rewritten, and bigger dimensional magic to take route. 

Everyday I receive message from people who have been recipients of this magic telling me what the downloads have meant to them. 

This bundle has been specially created to support at this especially intense moment in time. 

What you receive

Six frequency Downloads and explanations and guides of each. 

Each one of these could be sold separately, but for a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME I feel called to sell them together, as a journey, at this discounted price. 

  •  Calm and Recenter the nervous system
  • Transform Fear and Terror of the mind
  • Become the vibrational antidote to the instability
  • Activate our quantum immune system
  • Align to the biggest Divine plan
  • Activate true heart based COURage

What people say...

I deeply want to thank you for the tones you have shared recently. I've been listening to them everyday. I want them on a loop all day long! Thank you for bringing this magic into my life. 
Jenni H., Marketing
I just listened to your Becoming the Antidote Tone and gosh darn it really made a difference. I was getting caught up and needed extracation. You rock girl!
Rick Pathman, Healer
Im already a good sleeper but I had the BEST nights sleep last night. My dreams were so vivid and it took 2 rounds of my alarm to wake up. I felt so zen this morning, its like i was on a cloud!
Amy W., Consultant
The whole toning experience was frequency. It’s like speaking on another level. It shoots me up to another plane. Almost like I can see and hear in a different way. It’s so powerful. It like shifted my aura and the actual vibration of my being. It goes into these tiny space and shakes them, vibrates them, released something and then shows them the new tone to mimic and jump on. My physical body actually shakes a bit.'“
Lindsay Schroeder, Coach

Added note:

These tones are meant to be used as medicine. While it is set up as six days, listen to them as often, or for as long as you would like. They maintain their potency, and even strengthen with time, especially as more people listen. 

About Erin

Erin is an awakening guide, frequency channeler, cacao educator and Human Design reader. She uses her voice, sounds, words and presence to transform people from their small selves to embodying the divine expressions.

She has been healing using  Frequency Downloads since 2013. She has since worked with people all over the world.

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